Monday, February 18, 2013

Tool 6 Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in and out of the Classroom

I can see using Cover it Live and Skype for lesson activities and our Family Fitness Night.

I would like to use Cover it Live to showcase and engage students, parents and community leaders during our upcoming Family Fitness Night.  My colleague and I have arranged to Skype with fellow Physical Education classes around the Greater Houston Metro Area.  I believe the Skype interaction will provide an avenue for our students as well as theirs to see how students perform, behave, engage and learn during a similar unit/lesson.  I believe this will create greater dialogue and build connections with the outside community.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tool 5 Web 2.0

My experience in learning the Big Huge Labs, "The Motivator" and Wordle are tools that I can use all the time.  I can create posters to motivate my students, provide visuals to help my ELL students and provide a language enriched environment in the Gym.


Tool 4 Google Docs

Making a google doc that can be shared with colleagues will be very useful, informative and collaborative in sharing the work load and learning new things at the same time. It will be very beneficial if someone is not available to attend a meeting, he/she can still participate and share his/her knowledge with myself or the group.

Making my first google doc was exciting. This is definitely a great tool to use to help evaluate my students using technology.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Tool 3 - Videos and Dropbox

We are currently working in our jump rope unit.  Here is a video that inspires and motivates me and hopefully you too!!!

Now when your students think that some of the jumprope skills are too difficult, show them this next video.  Where there's a will there is always a way!!!!!

I just viewed "A Fair(y) Use Tale" Video created for 11 tools. 

I learned that only the copyright owner has the right to use their work.  I may not use copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner.  If I do I have broken the law.

I cannot copyright an idea.
Copyright duration only lasts for a fixed amount of time.  It only last for 14 years.

Tool 2 - Blogging and Comments

This is my second time to venture into blogging.  My first venture began 3 years ago during my master's program.  I loved blogging but found that the only ones that read my blog were my fellow classmates who were required to read it.  I am extremely excited about blogging, but worry that I may be the only one interested in what I have to say.  Being creative and informative will be a challenge for me in this digital world.  I would love for this to be just as exciting as Julia's blog was in the movie, "Julia & Julia".  By the way I loved that movie and I love to eat.  Cooking however is not my passion.  My passion is teaching Health and Physical Education.  I hope that this blog will provide the avenue I need to share exciting ideas and lessons with fellow colleagues.  So to all of you that love teaching the whole child, I will provide insight and share movement activities that are packed with math, science, reading skills, problem solving and building self-esteem in our PSE Health Fitness classes.  I look forward to learning many new digital techniques to improve instruction with my students.

I went to several blog spots of my fellow PSE colleagues and was delighted to see what their interests are and which google apps were their favorites.  I felt a kinship with those who are navigating this digital world with vintage tools.  We will be the ones hunting and pecking our way through this process.  I would like to share a good friend of mine's blog.  She teaches 5th and 6th grade language arts and history.  Her blog is   You will see it as Rabel's Ritings also.  I hope you find her ideas helpful.

Tool 1 - Getting Started

I am concerned about the legal liability regarding the content of my posts in this "quick to blame" society.  I am also concerned that many users, children specifically, that are not in tune or aware of the dangers that can occur due to improper posts.