Monday, February 11, 2013

Tool 2 - Blogging and Comments

This is my second time to venture into blogging.  My first venture began 3 years ago during my master's program.  I loved blogging but found that the only ones that read my blog were my fellow classmates who were required to read it.  I am extremely excited about blogging, but worry that I may be the only one interested in what I have to say.  Being creative and informative will be a challenge for me in this digital world.  I would love for this to be just as exciting as Julia's blog was in the movie, "Julia & Julia".  By the way I loved that movie and I love to eat.  Cooking however is not my passion.  My passion is teaching Health and Physical Education.  I hope that this blog will provide the avenue I need to share exciting ideas and lessons with fellow colleagues.  So to all of you that love teaching the whole child, I will provide insight and share movement activities that are packed with math, science, reading skills, problem solving and building self-esteem in our PSE Health Fitness classes.  I look forward to learning many new digital techniques to improve instruction with my students.

I went to several blog spots of my fellow PSE colleagues and was delighted to see what their interests are and which google apps were their favorites.  I felt a kinship with those who are navigating this digital world with vintage tools.  We will be the ones hunting and pecking our way through this process.  I would like to share a good friend of mine's blog.  She teaches 5th and 6th grade language arts and history.  Her blog is   You will see it as Rabel's Ritings also.  I hope you find her ideas helpful.

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