Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tool 9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

1.  It is important to tie technology to the objective in order for students to gain additional knowledge as well as retain and apply concepts in various means.
2.  Students should be held accountable for the stations in order to develop self-responsibility, self-control and safe practices.
3.  I liked Learning Games for Kids and Mangahigh because these can be used for students that are unable to participate during Health Fitness and stay engaged in a fun learning experience.  Students will be held accountable by completing a game and using the equipment properly or will have to do a written worksheet instead.
4.iMovie and Educreation are apps that I use in a station for students to have a recovery break while showing a check for understanding by drawing a diagram of the field, boundaries, positions, etc. or using iMovie to select photos or short video clips to create individual portfolios.  Ongoing updates are graded as a Participation or Cognitive grade.
5.  iPad or iTouches are used for students to take video clips of each other to peer assess and reflect on fundamentals and skill mastery.

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